4 Relaxing Outdoor Activities To Help You Unwind This Summer

There are a great number of benefits that might encourage a person to begin a new activity outdoors. One of these, and certainly among the most common motivators in our modern era, is to promote relaxation and wellbeing. While certain people find a thrill in daring and adventurous endeavours, those that see people scale mountains and move at great speeds, others seek the tranquillity of nature, enriching their own health and happiness from among its seasons and climates.

This coming summer, if you’re looking to embrace the outdoors and take on a new activity, one that might see you connect with local environments and other people, as well as helping to keep you active and balanced, then there is plenty to choose from.


You may not have heard of geocaching, despite its huge number of participants, but you have most certainly walked by, perhaps unknowingly, its equipment. Geocaching is an outdoor activity where users hunt down containers, or caches, with the support of a GPS device and clues. These caches contain puzzles, messages, or objects, that are then experienced and returned ready for the next user.

Caches are typically well-hidden and in both cities and the wilderness, which means most people will have the ability to participate. And, with its significant and supportive community, you will likely find yourself quickly making friends while exploring new areas.


Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is an excellent watersport that can be enjoyed on lakes and oceans alike. While it certainly requires a degree of physical fitness, developing bodily strength through practice, it is a slow-paced activity, which makes it quick and easy to pick up for newcomers.

Once you have found your balance on the board, your paddle will take you anywhere. This can be to other beaches, islands upon the lake, secluded coves, or even to a far-removed spot for an intimate yoga practice.


Being encouraged to venture outdoors by your kitchen is a great way to explore the area and feed your appetite. Foraging is a remarkably fulfilling experience as it connects individuals with the history and nature of their region, while also allowing them to improve the nutrition and flavour of their diet.

Few tools are needed for this activity and with only a basket and a pair of scissors, a person can begin learning their local flora and bringing home wild food ingredients to cook and serve. With plants showing their best during the warmer season, summer is the ideal time to begin.

Wild Swimming

Swimming has always been an appealing activity, especially for those living on the coast. However, a greater number of people are turning inland, away from golden sands, and to wilder environments, finding relaxation in the lesser-explored waters.

During the summer months, when the beaches are full, wild swimming also allows individuals and groups to seek a quiet respite, one with placid, cool waters to explore. You may have to become familiar with reading maps to find the best lakes, but it’s a small price to pay for summer bliss.

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