5 Space Savvy Wooden Furniture Tricks For Your 2 BHK Apartment

Fill a place with love and it becomes a home! Decorate your dream house with stylish yet immensely functional  wooden furniture online. An ideal home has a bedroom, living area, kid’s room, kitchen and a room for your parents or in-laws.

Since yours is 2 BHK, the inclusion of all of it seems to be a distant dream. The only way to accommodate your desired style is to use multipurpose Sheesham wood furniture. The compact space should not be the cause of worry.

Modern furniture designs with practical storage solutions will make your place an elegant place to live in. We present to you some tricks to give a breathing space to your flat.

Begin With Bedroom

With the scarcity of space, your bedroom should not look cluttered. Some space saving ideas of wooden furniture will make it even comfier. Starting with your bed, choose a one with lower height. The rationale behind it is that the lower the furniture, the higher the ceilings will seem.

Lessen the burden of your room with small sized Sheesham wood storage beds. Don’t overstuff your cupboards. The attached trolleys will keep the materials organized and enable better use of space.

Can you still witness the congestion in your room? Okay, there is one thing more you can do. Use sliding doors for almirah and build lofts above the wardrobe. But where to place the dressing table? Well, you don’t need to buy it. The cupboard should be fuss-free and as per modern furniture designs, a tall dressing mirror should be attached to it accompanied by a shelf to display things in order.

Design The Dining Area

Lit up your dining area with powerful lights and happy ambiance. For a 2 BHK flat, Sheesham wood Charlie dining table set can prove a blessing in disguise. Courtesy of its square-shaped size and lower height. The ready to assemble wooden cabinets can provide ample storage space for crockery and cutlery.

These simple modern furniture design ideas can make your dining area look warm and inviting. If the idea of Charlie table doesn’t excite you, give a thought to roundtable dining set. A roundtable with three to four chairs can complement your space.

Cluster Free Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen area in mind, the modular kitchen is what you need. The interconnected wooden furniture for kitchen, shapes the modular structure. The cabinets, hardware, and accessories offer easy installation and re-installation. Browse the Sheesham wood furniture online and find it out in various shapes, sizes and forms.

Color has an everlasting impression to convey the magnificence of space. Go for all white cabinets. The glossy white cabinets will make look kitchen spacious and welcoming. Minimum design and right use of lighting add depth to the place. The color of tiles should also be chosen wisely.

Luxury Within Living Area

Be selective for living area furniture. With minimal furnishing, the place can look expansive and open. Use white tiles for flooring and all white leather sofa. Trust us, you will be loving your living area. Make it a bit more exciting by using pattern wallpapers.

Use the same trick which you used for your bed. Choose a Sheesham wood sofa with a lower height that will make ceilings look higher. The L-shaped sofa can make the best use of space. You can call it family pack. With increased length, all the family members can have their share of the seat.

Do you still need to play with space? Build a cabinet around the wall mounted TV set. Use the wall extensively with modern furniture design ideas. The wall mounted TV can be the focal point around which the cabinet can be built. It will create extra storage space.

If you still feel the need of a console table, place it under the staircase. It can act as a fine storage space for placing wooden furniture. Here, you can store anything lying around in the house.

Best for Bathroom

Even bathroom needs furniture, a Sheesham wood cabinet. Be space savvy and use the empty space below bathroom sink. Herein, you can store soaps, sponges, shampoos, extra mugs and all those odds and ends which you need in your bathroom.

Use LED lights creatively to create interest and texture. Every corner should be well-lit. Use tiles of varied sizes to highlight the details. Add a sliding door to the shower room.

So, make your 2 BHK apartment feel like a 3 BHK. Let’s not make it look like a clusterophobic storage-room. With buying furniture online from and placed strategically, it can give an impression of wider space. Don’t fret! Use the space carefully.

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