6 Ways to Design an Eco-Friendly Home

Different organizations are raising awareness in a bid to preserve our natural resources and reduce pollution. More people now make well-informed decisions when redesigning or building their houses from scratch. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is a smart way to reduce costs and promote a safer environment. In addition, it goes with all types of home décor styles. We’ve gathered some of the inexpensive ways to design an eco-friendly home.

1.     Maximize sustainable building materials

The first step involves choosing sustainable building materials for your floor, walls, and roofs. These types of materials are popularly used in offices and residential areas. They have the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and insulate your home properly. Asides that, they are easy to maintain even if you opt for shabby chic décor. It important to understand the pros and cons of each building material before starting the building or designing project.

2.     Recycle old items

Consider visiting second-hand stores in your area for attractive accent pieces and furniture. You can be lucky to get furniture pieces that are relatively new at affordable prices. Taking this approach will help you to reduce your carbon print. Check whether some of your old furniture can be upgraded with sandpaper or a new lick of paint before discarding them. Ensure that you repurpose old items or donate them to charity.

3.     Use VOC-free paints

The main difference between regular paints and eco-paints is that the latter doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. They are also manufactured from natural ingredients. It’s possible to get affordable paints whether you prefer bold or neutral colors. These high-quality paints can be used to paint an accent wall or an entire wall.

4.     Invest in scented candles

You should try as much as possible to allow natural light in your home. This can be achieved by opening the doors and windows and using mirrors. Scented candles can also add more light and beauty to each room. They are not meant for special occasions only. Their benefits range from offering a relaxing effect to promoting better sleep. Buy scented candles that contain natural ingredients and essential oils for your bathroom, bedroom and living room.

5.     Bring fresh plants indoors

Houseplants are widely known to boost indoor air quality which leads to sound health. It’s not surprising that they have become a favorite of busy homeowners. This is because they are easy to maintain. They can assist to tone down the look of vintage furniture especially if you want farmhouse décor in your home. Succulents are another option and they will survive if you forget to water them for days.

6.     Purchase energy efficient appliances

Most homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to minimize their energy and water usage. Install a programmable thermostat to control heating and cooling in your house. Make sure that you use appliances with the ENERGY STAR label and check the rating. Other ways to reduce energy usage include using geothermal energy and optimizing energy-saving light fixtures. The former relies on underground reservoirs.

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