9 Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For

Choosing a gift can be challenging at the best of times, with many wanting to give a gift that will genuinely be appreciated and enjoyed. In addition to this, however, there are also a number of people who seem almost impossible to buy for. There are those that seem to have everything already, those that are renowned for being fussy, and even those whose interests remain mysterious.

There are, thankfully, a number of great gifts for such individuals and we’re sharing nine of our favourites with you. So, if you need to find the perfect present for someone particularly hard to buy for, then we’ve got you covered!

Personal Vinyl

With vinyl once again becoming the most popular format for music, creating a personal vinyl as a gift can be a remarkably fulfilling experience. Choose songs that mean the most to you or even simply their favourite tracks, and then have them added to a limited edition wax record!

Restaurant Experience

Choose a local eatery, perhaps a new and independent venue, and purchase a voucher for a meal or experience they offer. In addition to gifting a trendy eating experience, one that is likely to be delicious, you are also supporting local businesses and giving an experience that you could even enjoy together.

VR Headset

If you’re willing to splash out, VR headsets are soon to become one of the most sought-after gadgets. In addition to Sony’s upcoming PSVR2 release and Apple’s rumoured new VR project, having a personal headset is soon to be a must.

Changing Robe

For the outdoorsy individual, there are a number of great accessories that can make their time in the wild more enjoyable. As more turn to wild swimming, paddle boarding, and watersports, however, it’s worthwhile to get them something useful, like a changing robe, which will keep them warm, dry, and, as a result, safe, as they adventure outdoors.

Coffee Equipment

As coffee culture continues to explode in popularity, having the equipment at home to make a luxurious brew is a desirable asset. This is why a stunning V60 or coffee grinder might make a brilliant gift, enabling those who like the finer things in life to start their day the right way.

Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

Acting as both a sleeping mask and a Bluetooth headset, this gadget has become widely popular. Not only can those wearing the mask sleep more soundly but they can also drift off to their favourite podcasts and albums too.

Smart Ring

As fitness becomes more popular, with individuals tracking their progress, miles, and sleep data all to ensure they are achieving their physical goals, smart rings are increasingly desirable. These tiny gadgets offer the same functions as smart watches but are even more compact.

Book Subscription

If your friend is a bookworm, then consider getting them a book subscription. There are a number of independent publishers that offer their releases as a regular subscription or, alternatively, there are book clubs dedicated to certain genres too.

Stock Market Light

With more individuals casually keeping stocks, a stock market light is a great way to keep them informed on their investments. There are a variety of models, with some displaying the traditional scrolling indexes, while others will be colour coded, glowing green when investments are increasing in price and red when they are losing value.

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