A timetable for the perfect Christmas

What time shall I get up? When should my family open presents? When is the perfect moment to fit in that essential afternoon nap? All these questions and more arise when thinking of Christmas Day. The festive season is now well and truly among us and if you’re wondering about how you’re going to spend Christmas Day this year, then you will want to take a look at this great infographic from Mottram Hall. Entitled, ‘A timetable for the perfect Christmas’, the infographic is a fun and amusing piece of content regarding what your ideal Christmas Day could look it.

The infographic touches on all the essentials of a successful Christmas Day and could be just the helping hand you need this year! The graphic proposes times for things like when to unwrap presents and when you should head out for a delicious Christmas Day dinner in Cheshire. It’s a lot of fun and should hopefully get you in the Xmas spirit so you can start planning how you want to assemble a Christmas Day to remember this year. So, take a look at the graphic and think about if this proposed timetable could be the key to a successful Christmas for you and your family.

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