All about Essential oils

Essential oils are basically the plant compounds extracted to be used in aromatherapy which is a kind of alternative medicine and is in use for quite a long time now. These oils capture the essence of the plant in terms of flavor and scent and all of these essential oils have certain characteristic qualities which make them stand apart from one another. These oils are extracted either through the process of distillation through water or steam or both and maybe other medicinal methods like cold pressing etc. As a matter of fact, these oils once extracted, they must be combined with other oils or water before using them. It is important to dilute these oils and then they become ready to use. In case these oils are made through chemical procedures, then in that case these are not real essential oils.

How do these work?

Since these are used in aromatherapy, they are either massaged onto the skin or inhaled through mouth or nose. In some cases it can be ingested as well but generally this approach is not considered safe and is surely not recommended. The components of these oils communicate with the body in a variety of ways. If rubbed onto the skin they can get absorbed. Once inhaled, they can stimulate the senses and emotions. As a matter of fact, these fragrances trigger emotions and memories which is why these are used in a number of medical treatments.

Popular kind of Essential Oils

There are a lot of varieties of natural essential oils and all of them have their own individual fragrance and potential benefits for the health. Few of the most popular ones and their health benefits are mentioned below:

  1. Lavender oil – Extremely useful for stress relief.
  2. Peppermint oil – Useful forboosting energy levels and also help with digestion process.
  3. Sandalwood oil – Helps in focusing and calming the nerves.
  4. Bergamot oil – Helps inimproving skin conditions such as eczema and reduce stress levels.
  5. Rose oil – Helpful in reducing anxiety and improving mood.
  6. Chamomile oil – Extremely helpful for relaxation and improving mood.
  7. Ylang-Ylang oil – Extremely helpful in treatingskin conditions, headaches, and nausea.
  8. Tea Tree Oil – Helps in fighting infections and boosting immunity.
  9. Jasmine oil – Helps with libido, childbirth and depression
  10. Lemon oil – Helps in digestion process and improving the mood, curing headaches and so on.

Health benefits of essential Oils

Though these essential oils are widespread, very little is known in regards to their effectiveness and treatment of health conditions. Some of the health conditions which can be easily cured with these essential oils are as under:

  1. Reducing stress, depression and anxiety
  2. Curing migraines and headaches
  3. Curing insomnia and sleep related disorders.
  4. Helps in fighting inflammatory conditions
  5. These oils are antibiotic and bacteria resistant and thus can fight all kind of bacterial infections.
  6. Some people use these oils to freshen up their houses and laundry.
  7. Can be used as a mosquito repellant

Can be used to make cosmetics or even help in preserving food for longer durations.

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