Best Colour Combinations For Your Modular Kitchen

The kitchen design has a huge impact on the overall cooking experience. You have to ensure that every element used in the kitchen is adding to its aesthetics and functionality. This also includes the colour combinations used in the kitchen. Modular kitchen colour combinations are different from traditional kitchen designs. You can be as experimental and creative as you want when picking the colour combinations for your modular kitchen. However, there are a few factors you will have to consider while doing so. If you are not sure how to choose the best colours for your modular kitchen, mentioned below are a few modular kitchen colour combinations suggested by experts that you can use:

01 of 07 The combination of blue and white

If you are not sure which modular kitchen colour combination you should choose, using a blend of blue and white can do the trick. According to experts, this is one of the most perfect colour combinations for your modular kitchen. You can give your kitchen design a fresh sea-like vibe. Use a different shade of blue and white for the cabinets to add to the visual interest. Despite having a very simple look, your modular kitchen design will depict purity and can help arouse emotions. You will surely enjoy cooking in such a kitchen.

02 of 07 A combination of green, grey, and red

Even though you are not a chef, your kitchen design should make you feel like one. As a result, you will have a better cooking experience. Using a combination of green, grey, and red, you can give your kitchen design a very artistic vibe. Use a combination of bright red and grey for the cabinets. It will give the design a very contrasting look. Now, use green for the walls to tone down the brightness of the room and give a more soothing look.

03 of 07 Use pink, green, and grey

Give your kitchen design a breath-taking look by using a combination of pink, green, and grey. The combination of these three colours makes your kitchen design appear very stylish. While pink and grey take over the cabinets, green is used for the walls. To complement the colour combination, add metallic shade objects to the kitchen design like drawer handles with a golden or silver finish. It will give your modular kitchen a very interesting look.

04 of 07 Use white

You must have seen an all-white kitchen design. They look aesthetically very pleasing and are quite common as well. Many contemporary modular kitchen designs feature a standard white colour. Even though an all-white kitchen appears quite simple, it has a very luxurious and sophisticated appeal. You can surely opt for one. However, you must always remember that an all-white kitchen requires a lot of maintenance. White gets dirty easily and the kitchen is one of the busiest places and spills can happen at any time. You will have to clean your kitchen every day if you opt for an all-white kitchen. Otherwise, it will start appearing very dirty over time.

05 of 07 The combination of black and blue

If you are looking for a traditional look and want to give your kitchen design a retro appeal, the combination of black and blue can do wonders. While the cabinets and shelves are painted blue, the walls are given a splash of black. Both the colours complement each other and give your modular kitchen design a very unique look. It is certainly one of the best colour combinations for your modular kitchen.

06 of 07 Combine blue with gold and copper

Give your modular kitchen design a shining and shimmery look by opting for items with a metallic finish. Gold and copper are among the best metallic shades you can use in your kitchen design. While the doorknobs, drawer handles, and lampshades feature a metallic finish, you can give the walls a splash of blue. The colour combination will give your kitchen design a very vibrant look.

07 of 07 Add more warmth using brown

If you want to create a more welcoming and inviting kitchen design, experts suggest using brown. You can add warmth to any space using wooden tones. Further, brown helps to create a very calming and peaceful atmosphere. You will feel very comfortable and cosy while working in this kitchen. There are various shades of brown available. Choose one that complements the rest of the decor of the house.

Besides the aforementioned modular kitchen colour combinations, you can consider experimenting with other options as well. However, you have to ensure while choosing the colours that match the overall home decor.

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