Best moisturizing soaps to use for dry skin

The end of the year is a cold time. From monsoon to winter, as temperatures begin to lower, our skin tends to get drier. This is particularly true for people with normal to dry skin. The best way to avoid dryness is to moisturise your skin at regular intervals. But using cold creams and intense moisturisers is not all! You can start moisturisation with a bathing soap too!

Soaps are generally known to clear the dirt and sweat particles on the skin and keep it clean. A decade or two ago, most bathing soaps only focused on germ cleaning and hence stripped moisture off the skin. This usually left the skin feeling dry and tight. However, in the past decade, soap manufacturers recognised this and have started to add moisturising benefits to the bathing soap! These soaps are usually called moisturising bathing soap bars and often contains ingredients like essential oils, natural moisturising elements, skin conditions etc. Here are some of the best bathing soaps that are extremely moisturising for your dry skin:

Vivel Lotus Oil Soap

This soap bar is filled with the goodness of Lotus oil and Vitamin E to give you not only nourished skin but also glowing skin. It is a creamy bar that produces a good amount of lather and glides easily onto the skin. Lotus oil is known for providing relaxation too, so you are definitely in for a luxurious bath experience and youthful, supple skin with this soap bar!

Fiama Gel + Crème Moisturising Bar

A white milky soap bar, this Fiama Gel + Crème Moisturising Bar smells of the Frangipani flower and contains almond cream and skin conditioners for deep moisturisation. Almond cream is known to even skin tone, reduce inflammation and improve complexion and the added skin conditioners will definitely keep your skin feeling hydrated and soft. If you love a nourishing soap that smells exotic and contains natural ingredients, this is the best one for you.

Vivel Glycerin Soap

If you don’t already know, glycerin is a natural moisturising element. Vivel Glycerin Soap contains natural glycerin that softens skin and makes it firm. This bar also contains almond oil which actively treats dry skin, repairs sun damage, fights acne and reduces acne marks, reduces puffiness and evens out skin tone. This combination of glycerin with almond oil in the Vivel Glycerin Soap bar will surely save your dry skin.

Fiama Gel Bar Peach and Avocado

This gel soap bar is made to moisturize the skin effectively. Fiama Gel Bar Peach and Avocado is a mild soap that is gentle on the skin and contains skin conditioners that make your skin silky smooth to touch. The fruity scents of peach and avocado are bright and will definitely lift your mood and give you a relaxing and nourishing bathing experience.

Vivel Aloe Vera Soap

Vivel Aloe Vera Soap contains aloe vera as its superstar ingredient. Aloe vera is known to be calming and nourishing to the skin. Aloe vera can treat cuts and bruises, burns, dry skin, acne and sunburn too! Using this aloe vera soap will deeply nourish your skin and reduce any inflammation you have on your body.

Note: Make sure your moisturising soap contains at least one or two natural ingredients like essential oils or aloe vera, almond cream, glycerin among others!

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