Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Celebration

You’ve just found out that you have a little one on the way and are anxious to find out what you’re having. You and your partner have decided, that the best way to learn about this news is to share it with your friends and family. Gender reveal parties have become a very popular staple for expectant couples. They can throw an event with lots of food, drinks, games, and entertainment to let their guests know whether they’re having a boy or a girl. If you and your significant other are thinking of doing it, but want to keep the costs low, these budget-friendly tips will certainly help you out.

Send Invites Via Social Media

Just about everyone has a social media account these days, and the best part about them is that they’re free. Instead of spending money on paper invitations to your gender reveal party, you can send them online. Social media sites like Facebook, have features that allow you to create an event and invite followers on your page to attend. You can keep track of who’s received their invitation as well as who will be in attendance. Best of all, this feature won’t cost you a penny.

Hit a Dollar Store for Decorations

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on invitations for your gender reveal event. In fact, you can find the perfect decorations for gender reveal celebrations at a nearby dollar or value store. You can find everything from plates, cups, and napkins to balloons, streamers, and other theme-specific decorations to tie the whole thing together. You can get as many as you need and come off a lot cheaper than other locations.

Make Your Food

Having a party catered can get expensive, especially if you plan on inviting a lot of people. Your best bet, if you’re able, would be to make your own food. You can host the party during a time when feeding your guests is most affordable. For example, after lunch, and before dinner, would be perfect for making small snacks and platters for your guests. Some lunch meat and cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruit, for instance, are very affordable. Breakfast foods are also easy to make and affordable. Lastly, you could ask your guests to bring a dish with them to the event and have a potluck celebration.

Have it At Your House

Before you spend a few hundred dollars on a venue for your gender reveal celebration, why not have it at your home? If it’s in the spring or summer, you could host it in your backyard for more space. Another option, if your living area is small would be to ask someone you know if you could borrow their home to save some money.

Finding out whether you’re having a girl or a boy is exciting. The moment is made even more special when you get to learn the news with those you love. If you and your partner would like to throw a gender reveal party, but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it, there are a lot of ways you can slash the costs. Hopefully, these budget-friendly ideas have given you a great place to start.

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