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We all use harmful chemicals on our skin thinking it’s benefitting us. They are simply chemicals that might look good on us today but in future it will harm our skin. Premature aging, itchy skin, rashes, etc., are some of the results of harmful chemicals used these days. Even exercise and healthy diet alone can’t help you get a glowing skin. We need something extra that can help to relax our nerves and muscles which play a major role to get a toned skin.


A warm water wash with Epsom salt is what we are talking about. It is also known as magnesium sulfate that was previously obtained from Epsom, UK. It has various benefits but the most common benefit is to help nerve and muscle function. There are other salts as well that help in treating problems like flu, eczema, rashes, heart problems etc.

It isn’t necessary to add bath bombs containing this salt in to your bath tub. Simply, add a spoon of Epsom in the tub and soak your body for twenty minutes. You will know the difference. This salt contains sulfate and Vitamin E which washes out toxins from the body leaving your skin soft and glowing. Magnesium in Epsom helps in covering up the deficiency that can lead to tired, oily and red skin. It also helps in reducing inflammation.

There are many other ways through which you can detoxify your body –

  • Any type of sea salt works as antibacterial which helps in reducing acne and oily skin. It is less dehydrating and if you add some essential oil, it will balance out dehydration completely.
  • Oatmeal and herbs together can-do wonders but you don’t need to mix them in hot water like salt, they can be filled in a bag and soaked in water, slowly it mixes well without clogging your drain. Oatmeal helps in soothing your skin during chicken pox, rashes and eczema, and herbs give wonderful aroma to water.
  • Coconut oil works as antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal. Your skin is soft, smooth and dirt free, after you take your bath.
  • Baking soda helps in removing toxins and keeps your skin fresh and glowing. However, the smell of baking soda is bland so, you can include some peppermint oil to your warm water to balance it out.

There are many ways of trying detoxifying bath. You need to decide which product suits you the best. Whichever bath you try, make sure you try them for long, every alternate day for better results.

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