Choose Your Glasses: Shapes, Morphology, Colors, Complexion, Find Out Everything You Need To Know

You don’t have to be an expert like American Optical for example to choose the right pair of glasses. Indeed, knowing how to choose the pair of glasses that highlights the shape of the face, our complexion, our features, and our style is much simpler than one might think. Here are some tips to help you choose your glasses.

First, to properly define the shape of your face, you can do a little exercise. Stand in front of your mirror and pull your hair up completely while gradually moving away from the mirror. Take a good look at your entire face, contours, and features to determine your face shape. Here are some examples; however, trust your instincts and try the glasses before buying them.

Oval Face

An oval face shape is generally well-balanced, and no matter what shape your glasses are, they will suit you. However, if you want to give more depth to your face, you can opt for wide glasses.

Oblong Face

Frames with decorative temples are more suitable for thin and long faces. They can bring balance and contrast to your face.

Square Face

Try wider and deeper narrow frames to elongate a square face and round off the angles.

Round face shape

To balance out a round face and slim it down, you can opt for narrower angular frames to elongate it.

Heart Shaped Face

Choose thin, light-colored frames and favor frames without rims to give a light and airy appearance.

For colors and complexions, black or brown colored frames are versatile, while colored frames are ideal if you want to highlight your personality. You can choose your glass’s colors to bring out your eye color. Neutral tones like brown, black, or gray go well with dark eye color.

For lighter colors, opt for beige or colored frames; they will highlight the depth of your eyes. You can also play with colors by choosing glasses that match your eye color. If you have a rather pale complexion, try a dark frame with a rather warm complexion and if, on the contrary, you have a rather dark complexion, choose glasses with a cold complexion, such as platinum, for a nice contrast.

How To Choose Your Eyeglasses Well? Practical Advice From Home Opticians

During your consultation with your home optician, he will help you determine which glasses such as american eyewear near me for example suit you best. Thus, it is, for example, advised that the eye is correctly centered in the glass and that the eyelashes are not in contact with it. It is also necessary that the lower part of the glasses does not touch the face. The eyebrow line is also a good indicator. For example, the mount must not conceal it. Finally, the glasses’ frame should be between the temple’s end and the eye’s outer corner. Home opticians will help you choose your glasses. Do not hesitate to make an appointment without delay.

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