Creating a Workout Split That Works Best for You

Workout split or schedule helps you target a certain muscle group better by devoting a whole workout to it. You can have lower and upper body days or divide the workouts into leg day, chest and triceps, back and biceps, etc. The opportunities are limitless, but there are things to consider while creating your workout split. It won’t work if you just copy for someone does, because you have to develop your own plan, the one that will work the best particularly for you. This is especially important for beginners who are only getting into fitness.

Things to Consider When Creating a Workout Split

  • How many days you workout in a week.
    Aim at about three days if you can, so you can try classic splits and see results that will satisfy you. However, if it’s impossible, there’s a split for you as well, so don’t go too hard on yourself.
  • Your experience and current level.
    Try to think as clear as possible as to what experience you have when it comes to fitness. Different levels need different load and exercises, so if you’re a beginner on the way to your goals, consider hiring a trainer to help you.
  • How much time your body recovers.
    Find out how much time your muscles need to recover fully before hitting them with another workout. It depends on the intensity of the previous workout, on your nutrition, on whether you stretch and get enough sleep, as well as on your particular body response.
  • Your perfect physique goal.
    Think of the goal you have and you’ll realize which muscle groups you have to focus on. This will impact your workout split because you might need to adapt it in the way so you can hit that one muscle group more often.

Workout Splits for You to Try

Here are some of the most common splits that most people use, especially when they don’t have that much experience yet.

  • Whole-Body
    This is the best split for beginners, because all you do is alternate full-body workouts with rest days. It’s pretty difficult to create a well-working full-body workout, though, because there are a lot of muscles and you might not have enough energy and time to hit them all. But choosing a couple of exercises for main muscle groups and progressive load may be enough for now.
  • Upper- and Lower-Body
    As your muscles wake up, you can have a lower-body day, then a rest day, then an upper-body day. This will allow you to target particular muscles more and get closer to the shape you want to be in.
  • Legs/Chest-Shoulders-Triceps/Back-Biceps
    This is the most common split for those who are more experienced and who have already achieved certain goals. As you get some practice, you’ll be able to incorporate this three-day plan. One day you can train your legs and glutes, then rest or do a push (chest, shoulders, triceps) or a pull (back and biceps) workout. Then you rest for sure because your upper body is exhausted and then do the third choice.

These are the basics that every person should know when walking the path to fitter and stronger physique, so make sure you try it.

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