Detoxification Methods for Your Hair to Pass a Drug Test

When you are required to take a hair drug test, let’s say that it is for your employment concerns, you would surely find ways to detoxify, right? Flushing away toxins from the body is not that easy and it needs time. But sometimes, you were given this task in a short notice. Because of this, you would like to take all the risk just to pass this test. It could have been easier to pass when you were instructed to take the urine or blood test considering the fact that these tests are cheaper but were found to be less reliable.

Now, there is nothing you can do but to accept the reality that most companies prefer the hair follicle drug test. As an individual who smokes weed regularly, you would surely find this unbearable. I know very well that it won’t be easy for you to abstain from marijuana smoking. Therefore, you have to be patient and think about how you are going to clean your system. Luckily, there is a detox shampoo that may try from the Aside from this, you still need to find other remedies, too.

If you are really determined to pass your hair follicle drug test, then you have to try all the detox methods that you can think of. It won’t be fine to stick to just one solution, especially when you are under time pressure. Cleansing your system from toxins naturally will not be enough because this will take time. Remember that the THC level in your body can be detected in 90 days. Instead of worrying about this fact, you better start the detoxification and help you pass your requirement.

Detox Shampoo

Do you know that when your hair grows and comes out from different parts of your body like the scalp, its cells are not active and it later on dies because the hair cannot properly maintain itself. For this fact, you may be asking why the hair is said to be reliable when testing for the use of prohibited drugs. Well, you should know that toxins from drugs as well as environmental factors are stored in your hair.

Your problem here is how you can eliminate this toxin from your hair. The solution to this is to use a detox shampoo. The good thing is that it will not only help in cleansing the hair from THC content, but chemicals from environmental factors as well. This includes atmospheric pollutants, hard water minerals and chlorine.By the way, this is not just like other regular shampoos that use every day for bathing. This is specially formulated by experts to get rid of toxins on your hair follicle. It may not eliminate 100% of the THC but it can gradually reduce its amount. You just have to use it on a regular basis and of course, do not forget that you also have to abstain from smoking weed. As marijuana smokers, I suggest you to find more information on THC.


Theoretically speaking, to shave your hair completely is the easiest method and the cheapest solution you can think of. You may even think of it as a practical way, right? It is true that you won’t have enough hair on your head for the drug testing, but there are still other parts of your body, where hair grows. In this case, they may cut from your armpit or chest. Now, do you think that this is the best solution?

Actually, this will just turn out as an excuse to delay the test. Though, the experts might also question you. What could be the reason why you shaved your hair? I guess, this solution may even drive them to report about your suspicious action. If I were you, do not think about this as your first solution. Instead, leave it as your last option when things are not working well.

Light Smoker Remedy

Again, let me remind you that this treatment is just for light weed smokers only. This is a remedy that applies chemistry. What you need to do is to prepare lemon juice. This is not for drinking purposes. You need to mix it with warm water. And then, let it sit overnight. In the morning add more lemon juice and thoroughly mix it with the one you previously prepared. Use this mixture to wash your hair.

Salicylic acid can be useful in many ways. Go to to know what it does. Aside from that it would be great, if you can use salicylic acid and vinegar as your shampoo. Use this acid in massaging your scalp. After that, leave it for 30 minutes each. Another good thing from your home is to use baking soda paste. You just need to mix it with water then apply it using the same process. You may rinse it with warm water after 10 minutes.

The Mecujo Treatment

For heavy marijuana smokers, the Mecujo method works. With this treatment, you have to thoroughly clean your hair with care. You may find it irritating to the scalp because it may be hard for the hair strands. Just bear with it because this is for your own detox program. Here, you need to use various ingredients, such as vinegar, laundry detergent and regular detox shampoos. This method must be done at least 5 times within 3 days before the scheduled hair drug test.

Your first step is to thoroughly wet your hair with warm water. Next, massage your hair with vinegar. After that, apply your regular shampoo. Let it stand for 30 minutes and then wash. Now, use your detox shampoo twice. The next thing that you need to do is to sparingly use the detergent. Repeat the procedures for 5 times only. Make sure that it will be done 3 days before the testing day.

Be very cautious with this method. Do not overdo the procedures to avoid skin irritation. However, if you think that this treatment is too strong for your skin, then stick with the other methods.

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