Different Ways whereby Pets Improve your Overall Health

In the nation of pet-lovers, regardless feline friends or canine companions, all would be loved equally and receive unconditional love in return. The furry creatures have been omnipresent for cuddle. However, you should also consider the wide variety of health benefits offered by them.

A number of studies over time have been done to determine the effects pets are known to have on human health. Feedem, a retailer for dog food, inclusive of grain food has brought forth some health benefits the pets have to offer to the humankind.

Reduces stress

People would look forward to reducing stress every day, but least would be aware that stroking an animal would reduce stress. The act would help the body reduce the production of stress hormone cortisol. Alternatively, it would help you increase the anti-stress reducing oxytocin hormone. Moreover, it would help you relax in the best manner possible.

Social support

Along with providing continuous company, pet owner have been deemed to increase social interaction. They would walk the dog in the park, which would increase the chances of meeting other pet owners. Chances of you interacting with other people would increase if you have a dog, rather than walking alone in the park. It would help you reduce feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Increased exercise

Walking your dog in the park would increase your exercise levels. You would end up burning more calories with your dog running in all directions. A 150lb healthy dog would help you burn roughly 105 calories for an hour walk in the park. The rate would increase with the increase in pace. The dog would be a great motivation to help you exercise.

Overall health

If you had any health concerns, owning a pet would help you relieve of those health concerns. A study revealed that people owning a dog would have less doctor visits.

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