Few Common Dental Problems and Tooth Diseases

In today’s date there are various dental problem facing with the advancement of the time. We should be concerned about are health and hygiene too. As there is the advancement in technology and increase in knowledge we are able to cure and treat many dental problems. One should know about all the common dental problems and their causes. This will help a lot in prevention from problems. Various dental problems are listed below:

  • Bad Breath- it is also known as halitosis. This is quite embarrassing for one. Using mouthwash can help a lot to make the odor cover up or go away for timing but it is not the permanent solution. If the bad breath is from a long time that is chronic, go get checked by your nearest dentist.
  • Periodontitis– it is commonly called as gum disease. It is basically the bacterial infection caused by the accumulation of the plaque in oral cavity. Bacteria grow due to this and they eat and survive at the gum tissue and ligaments. The mostly endanger are those who don’t keep proper dental hygiene, skip the brushing and flossing. If the bleeding is persistent then you should concern your dentist as in severe case they become painful and can widespread.
  • Enamel degradation – this problem is very commonly found now days. Its general characteristics are change in the color of the enamel surface or sometimes it becomes discolored. This is likely caused due to drinking of the corrosive drinks or eating sugary, carbohydrate high food and snacks. It is suggested that after every meal and drinking of any sugary fluid one should clean teeth regularly. Dental hospital near me advices the soft toothbrush for such type of patient.
  • Dry mouth- this condition is also called Xerostomia. As the name give name tells it lacks the saliva in the mouth. This occurs due to the number of much reason but the major cause is side effect of the prescribed medicine. Saliva plays a significant role in our mouth as it helps us to swallow our food easily. Also it acts as a mild antimicrobial agent for our oral cavity. No proper treatment is found till now but research is going on to solve this issue.
  • Sensitivity– this is the chief problem, as it is caused due to the exposed surface of the root and nerve ending in our tooth. In extreme cases the nerve become permanently exposed and become very painful for the one and tooth become sensitive to hot and cold exposure even to the air if inhaled through mouth. If the pain doesn’t go away after still using specialized toothpaste, you should go to your dentist for treatment and cure.
  • Wisdom teeth- it is the caused if there not enough space available in your jaw for them. If proper space is there then they don’t cause any problem. In some cases they have to be extracted out as they can be the reason of the infection in your mouth also sometime problem in jaw bone also occur if the it is not coming out in appropriate direction.

One must keep proper hygiene and time to time brushing, flossing id needed to maintain healthy and shiny tooth. Occasionally, in a month should go to best dental clinics in Hyderabad for dental check up.

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