Help Him Start a Skincare Routine

Chances are you already have a good morning and evening skincare routine in place, with different products specifically designed to target your unique skin concerns. What about the important men in your life? Have they also established their own skincare routine? Men and women have drastically different skincare needs, so all your favorite products may not work as well on your significant other or male family members. If they haven’t figured out yet what products they need, here are a few suggestions to help get them started:

Tools for a Smooth Canvas

If your guy shaves regularly, chances are he may be prone to rough, dry skin and razor bumps—bothersome little red bumps that look a lot like pimples and are caused by ingrown hairs. Frederick Benjamin is a men’s grooming product line that makes excellent natural skincare products for men. They understand exactly what a man’s skin needs, especially if he shaves often.

Their bestselling Frederick Benjamin Shaving Regimen contains everything your man needs to keep his facial hair well-groomed and his skin nourished, including a primer, razor bump cream and after shave gel. This kit will ensure that your man has a clean, clear and smooth canvas to work with.

An Effective Cleanser

Inexpensive drugstore cleansers are notorious for giving you that “squeaky clean” feeling, as if your skin has been completely stripped of all excess oil and grime. The problem with this is that not only do those cleansers get rid of dirt and bacteria, but they also strip away the natural oils and moisture that skin needs to stay healthy and strong.

Help your guy choose a gentle yet effective cleanser that is pH balanced to mimic his skin’s natural pH level. A good cleanser will effectively clean his skin without leaving it dry and dehydrated. His skin will soon feel more balanced and less prone to breakouts and rashes.

A Comfortable Moisturizer

Many men—and women—hate putting on moisturizer because it leaves their skin feeling sticky and greasy. A lot of men don’t think they even need moisturizer as men’s skin naturally tends to be quite oily. The truth is that a good moisturizer helps to balance skin and keep it adequately hydrated so the oil glands won’t produce as much oil.

If your man hates the feel of moisturizer, help him choose a comfortable, lightweight formula like a hydrating gel or emulsion. These types of moisturizers sink into skin more easily than thick, heavy creams, leaving no greasy residue—only healthy, hydrated skin.

Protection from the Sun

The sun’s powerful rays can be very damaging, and can cause a whole range of skin problems from sunburn to dark spots and even skin cancer. Make sure your guy is shielded by helping him choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and an SPF of at least 30.

Remind him to wear it every day, even on overcast days or when he’s working indoors, as the sun’s rays are extremely penetrative and can get through glass and windows.

These few basic products are a great starting point for any man’s skincare routine. With regular and consistent use, the special man in your life will soon notice that his skin is in its best condition ever.

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