How to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs are a big problem worldwide. They are very cryptic insects and are very hard to detect. What’s more? Their bites are painful and a big annoyance. So if you find yourself waking up to weird small bite marks in the morning, there is a chance that you have a bedbug infestation. But since they are cryptic, it’s tough to find them. Finding them is crucial to be sure about them having invaded your home. Though you can look for other signs, such as the fecal stains bed bugs leave the parts they have infested. These are similar to small drops of black ink and get smudged off. However, in most cases, they don’t leave these signs, and in such cases, the only way to be sure if you have an infestation is to check for live bed bugs. Here are some guaranteed methods that will help you detect those bed bugs if they are there.

Thorough search of your bed, couch, and other furniture

Bed bugs get their name since they mostly infest beds. But, they also tend to build homes wherever humans sleep and rest such as couches. So to find bed bugs, you would need to conduct a thorough visual search of the places where you rest. Remove your bed sheet and adequately examine every corner of the mattress. Take out the cushions from your couch and take off their covers. Check the wooden parts of your bed and sofa in the end. If you find even a single bed bug, it means that things are dangerous and you need to call pest control. If not, it says that they could still be there so move on to the next step.

Install traps

Interception devices and active monitors serve as a great way to detect a bed bug infestation. Interception devices are pretty economical, and you can place them near the legs of your furniture. Eventually, when the bugs move around, they will be trapped in these. Active monitors, on the other hand, use attractants such as CO2 to lure in bed bugs and catch them. Active monitors are more efficient but are also more expensive than interception devices.

Call pest control

When the above methods fail, and you still suspect a bed bug infestation, you can call in a pest control service. Your pest control service should with a great punaise de lit plan so that their trained professionals can detect and eliminate the bed bugs from your home.

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