How to Find the Right Retirement Village

If you’re looking for a new lease of life for the later years of life then a retirement village might be the best option for you. Retirement villages can not only make your life easier but also more sociable and encourage new experiences and activities.

But, how do you find the retirement village that’s right for you? Here are some of the main qualities to look out for and assess before making the big decision.

The Facilities

These can vary quite dramatically from one retirement village to another, so you’ll want to explore your options before settling on one, even if the first one seems incredible. From everyday amenities from cafés and hair salons, all the way to high-quality facilities such as spas and swimming pools, there’s something for everyone and you’ll never be bored.

Can you buy?

Unlike residential care homes, you can buy the property you’ll be living in a retirement village. This can understandably be a big factor when making your decision, as even if you have to sell your current property, you’ll still be able to own the one you’ll be living in, meaning that you’ll still have an asset that you can pass on in your will. Not to mention the potential sum of money you’ll make, should this mean downsizing from a large property to a smaller one in a retirement village. You can explore a variety of retirement villages online, with websites offering handy filter systems via location, for instance, when it comes to retirement villages, North Devon has plenty of high-quality ones to choose from.

What help is on offer?

One of the best parts of a retirement village is that alongside the full independence that you’ll have, you’ll also have access to help whenever you need it. It is important to look into this before making your decision though, as if you do have any special health requirements, you’ll want to know how easily accessible the help is. Is it 24/7? This help can range from help with dressing and shopping, all the way to assistance with medication and bathing.


In the retirement village, you’re bound to make new friends. So, it’s always a good idea to look into the social activities that occur within the village. Do they align with your desires? The community in which you live is incredibly important, so you’ll need to make sure that it will allow you to live your best life, no matter your interests and personality type.


One of the great things about retirement villages is that there tends to be a fair amount of flexibility with the types of properties available. From having accessible bathing facilities, wide hallways and measures in place to ensure that any stairs are not an issue.


You’ll want to have a good look at the security levels that are at the retirement village. A great retirement village will always have someone on hand to assist in any emergencies that might occur. This will not only ensure that you feel safe whilst you’re living there, but also if you go away on holiday, or to visit friends and family.

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