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How to manage your time if you have a baby.

Doubtlessly, becoming a mother is one of the best parts of a woman’s life but at one time moms become extremely busy and forget about themselves. Meanwhile it is very important to rest and enjoy your baby’s growing period. How to manage your time effectively to be a good mother, wife  and  just a woman at a time.

  1. To Plan and organize your day. There are a lot of applications for scheduling moms’ time, for example, Lady Plans involves calendar, important events planner, checklists of subjected items for a Baby shower, birthday party, Christmas, other holidays, etc. You can also organize daily responsibilities : list of shopping, menu, visiting doctors and entertainment for a whole family and yourself.                                       
  2. Combining housework and Mothers are getting lost in ironing, cleaning and doing other duties. Nobody has endless energy and one day each mom feels her power is expired. How to avoid it? Just combine fun and work at a time. For instance, take aroma candles, put music you like while doing housework, song while changing your babies clothes, organize resting times like dancing or taking photos with your kid. One of the useful applications for taking picture is the Baby Photo. You can depict each precious smile, yawn, first tooth. Even if you are not a good photo taker you can get a professional photo from any ordinary one by using filters, adding texts, editing colors, and adding other features in several simple steps.                                                             
  3. Planning a kid’s day and adjusting yours to it. You can teach your baby to get asleep, take a bath, nourishing at the same time every day and adjust your schedule to it to organize it more productive. There are many apps where you can record data of feeding, sleeping and other habits of your child to make your brain free from remembering all these and to adapt your daily life to it. Parent Love : is a good application which creates a full picture of your infant’s life: breast and bottle feeding, diaper changes, naps, etc. So, you can know when you are free and when you are busy with taking care of your sweety.                                              
  4. Use new technologies to make your life easier. Progress comes in all aspects of our life. Thus, you can replace an old vacuum cleaner with a lightweight wireless automatic ones, get smart wardrobe like LG Styler to keep clothes fresh and clean, ordinary ironing board with 360 degree rounding one, child’s seat chairs with ones which has interesting music and colors to take child’s attention and many other things to safe your time and efforts.                                                                                                                                                                                      

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