How to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture Like a Pro

Your bedroom furniture pieces hugely determine the look of your bedroom. Many people always buy matching furniture sets in terms of colour, pattern, and material for an appealing look. Although it is a good idea, you should mix and match the furniture pieces in your bedroom for an exciting look. It will help to add more character and visual interest to the space. However, it can be a little tricky. If you are not sure about how to mix and match furniture pieces, the bedroom can appear busy and chaotic. To help you with the process, here are a few tips:

01 of 05 Choose furniture pieces that repeat the same style and colour

If you want to create an appealing bedroom interior design, you should mix and match furniture pieces that feature common repeating elements. For instance, if you have a tufted velvet headboard in your bedroom, you should choose a bench that features the same upholstery design and colour. Or, you can choose a nightstand whose metal bar drawer handle matches the legs of your desk. Depending on your preferences, you can match them in any manner you want. Just make sure that the same elements are repeated throughout your bedroom. This will bring a sense of balance to your bedroom decor and make it more appealing.

02 of 05 Make them feel connected

One of the easiest ways to mix and match furniture pieces is to make them feel connected. Look for furniture pieces for your bedroom that feature two or more materials. Make sure that at least one material between any two furniture pieces is common while choosing. This will help to maintain consistency in your bedroom decor. For instance, when you choose a bed frame that features metal and fabric elements, make sure that you add a desk with similar metal accents and a chair with similar fabric elements. In other words, all the materials of your furniture pieces do not have to match as long as each piece has an element that connects it with another bedroom furniture piece.

03 of 05 Contrast is essential for an appealing look

While some similar elements are required to maintain consistency in your bedroom decor, you will have to introduce some contrast as well for an appealing look. It will make the space more visually appealing. However, you should be careful while adding contrast to the space. This is because your bedroom is a space for resting and relaxing. If you add too many contrasting elements, it can get overwhelming. Instead of creating contrast using colours, you should consider using different textures, materials, and styles. For instance, you can create high contrast in your bedroom design by mixing furniture pieces made of natural materials like wood and stone with options made of manmade options like chrome and metal finishes. The easiest way to do this is by combining anything like an old antique chest of drawers with clean-lined modern metal bedroom furniture pieces. However, this does not mean there should not be any similarities between the furniture pieces. Even if you choose furniture pieces from different time periods, try to maintain a balance in the room by matching their colours and textures. This will make your bedroom decor appealing.

 04 of 05 Choose furniture pieces featuring different styles

If you have already decided on the tones and materials of your furniture pieces, you should consider choosing furniture pieces that feature different styles. This can be done without putting in a lot of effort as well. Just ensure that the handles and drawers of the different furniture pieces in your bedroom do not match each other. As a result, furniture pieces appear slightly different despite featuring almost all the same elements. Some people avoid this as they do not like asymmetry in their bedroom design. However, this does not mean your bedroom decor will appear unappealing if you add asymmetry.

05 of 05 Choose different colours for your furniture pieces

Do not be afraid of going bold. If you like a specific style, you should opt for it. Since you will be spending the maximum amount of time in your bedroom, the bedroom should feature elements that you like and make you feel comfortable. When you choose the same texture for decorating your entire bedroom, you can consider experimenting with different colours. With so many options available, you can always find a combination that suits your taste and complements your bedroom’s interior design.  Whether you want to create a traditional and rustic bedroom design or a modern and minimalist space, there are plenty of colours you can experiment with. However, it is always important to keep one dominant colour throughout your bedroom decor. Too many colours can make the space appear busy.

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