How To Plan A Tear-Free Flying With A Toddler

As a parent, there will be a number of tricks and tips that you pick up along the way that make parenting so much easier. And of all the topics of tips you pick up, the ones relating to travel are always the most beneficial.

If you could use some of these very tips, keep reading.

Pack a Week in Advance

Instead of rushing around and packing everything at the last minute or even the morning before you fly, take some time a week before you leave and plan what you will take on the plane with you and what you will put in your checked baggage and make a list of the items. This is the best way to ensure that you not only remember to pack everything but you have what you need on the plane with you.

Of course, during the process, ask your youngster if there is anything in particular that they want to have with them on the plane and make sure that it’s accessible.

Dress Comfortably

Unless you are all flying first class, there is no reason why your youngsters shouldn’t be as comfortable as possible, In fact, there is no reason why everybody in your family shouldn’t be as comfortable as possible. After all, a comfortable traveler is a relaxed traveler. For example, if you are taking advantage of a coupon from Groupon Coupons, consider the climate of your destination and dress comfortably for that weather.

Combat Boredom

Even as adults we don’t like to take long plane journeys, so imagine how a youngster feels. For this reason, be sure that you have enough entertainment to keep them occupied during the flight. Either this is movies they watch on your phone, games they plan on their tablet or even books they read to keep them busy, use what you need to keep them entertained.

Of course, when choosing digital potions, be sure that they will work offline. Many streaming services won’t work once you are on the plane, so be sure yours will.


While you will be limited to the liquids that you can take on the plane with you, it’s important to pack your youngsters favorite snacks to keep their stomachs satisfied along the journey. If you are packing food from home, remember to keep it in clear ziplock bags which are easy to inspect during security scanning and easy for you to identify on a potentially dimly lit plane.

When choosing this option, consider that too many sugar-based snacks may work against you when it comes to keeping your youngster calm and in their seat.

Just because every Christmas movie would have you believe that flying with a toddler is nothing short of a nightmare experience to be avoided at all times, the reality of the situation is that with a few simple tips and some good planning, you and your family can all enjoy a stress-free flight and vacation.

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