Just How Bad Are Extensions for Your Hair?

With so many different hair extension methods available, it can be hard to choose which one to try especially considering they can all add thickness, length and weight to your hair. While hair extensions can be a quick and easy way to change the way your hair looks; different types can cause significant risks and create more damage to your hair.

Clip-in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions used to be the most popular method to achieve thicker and longer hair quickly. Clip-ins are often noticeable in individuals with thin, fine hair, and are not nearly as secure as other methods.

Like weaves, if the extensions are too heavy, and weigh your hair down, they can put tension on the roots, which may create damage and hair breakage. Try not to wear your clip-ins every day and do not sleep with them in either.

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are applied by braiding the natural hair, and then sewing in the wefts of hair into the braids in rows. These extensions are either made of synthetic or human hair, and you have the option of choosing between just a few tracks or a full head of weave to obtain the desired look.

The disadvantage of this method is that weaves can be quite heavy and they can put strain on your natural hair and create breakage from the roots.

As with nearly all hair extension methods, you should always do some research and have them installed by an excellent hair extension stylist at a salon that uses premium products like; EH Hair Extensions. You may need to pay a bit more for them, but it will reduce the risk of significant hair damage.

Micro rings

Micro rings should be installed close to the hair root, they are clamped down to keep the extensions in place, and you can attach them to long or short hair. Micro ring extensions can last up to three or four months if they are cared for correctly.

The advantage of micro rings is that they let your hair grow freely, although, depending on how they are applied and placed, they may be noticeable, and ‘slip’ down the natural hair, creating an uneven look.

Glue-in extensions

Glue-in extensions are applied to the wefts and then attached to the base of the hair. This is one of the easiest hair extension methods; although, they can create serious damage to the hair if not installed properly. In time, heavy wefts can lead to hair loss due to the constant strain on the hair and scalp.

With the correct application and aftercare maintenance, hair extensions are an excellent way to obtain longer, thicker hair. Although, hair extensions are usually short-term solutions, you could run the risk of thinner hair if you don’t have them applied correctly and take care of them accordingly.

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