Non-toy Gift Ideas for Kids

If you have kids of your own, you might have been faced with a pile of unused toys after your child’s birthday party. Other parents will have felt the same way. For the kids that already has it all, some parents may ask for non-toy gifts for their child’s birthday. Yes, there is more to entertain a child with than just toys. If you are still searching for non-toy gift ideas for kids, read on.

  1. Backpack

Backpacks are a practical gift that both the kid and parents will be thankful for. Backpacks make for especially suitable gifts if the child’s birthday is near the back-to-school period. Find a backpack with plenty of compartments. This makes for easier packing in the mornings. An outer pocket for a water bottle will also keep their books safe from most spillage. Ask your own child to help with choosing the design.

  1. Tickets to the Science Museum

Science museums are a great outing for children. Most science museums will have sections specifically designed with children in mind or there might be a children’s tour of the museum. You will be giving an educational birthday gift but also the gift of quality family time. You could even get tickets for your own kids and offer to make it a play date. The parents will appreciate the free afternoon.

  1. Magazine Subscription

It is important for kids to read and learn about the world around them. A magazine subscription will help them to do so. Browse around for children’s magazines. You could also buy a few different children’s magazines first and see whether your own kids enjoy reading them. Alternatively, you can bring out the inner child in yourself and gift a magazine subscription to your favourite comic books as a kid. Most of the comics will still be publishing new stories today.

  1. Puzzle Activity Book

Puzzle activity books are a great way to entertain children. There is a wide range of themes available. From country themes to holiday seasons and cartoon characters. The best choice would a puzzle book with different types of activities such as connect the dots, colouring and even a children’s level sudoku or crossword puzzle. Make this gift extra handy by finding a travel size children’s puzzle activity book. The parents will be happy to pack less toys on their next holiday trip.

  1. Birthday Gift Basket

What do kids love more than getting toys? Getting to eat sweets. Cookies, sweets and cakes are all kids birthday gifts that will get them just as excited as toys. Make the gift basket more appealing by choosing a funny design or even a tower of smaller surprise boxes. Do the parents a favour and choose a birthday gift basket that has a decent shelf life so they can spread out the treats over time. This way the parents won’t have to deal with a monster sugar rush.

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