Painting Tricks to Use if You Want to Change the Size of Your Room

When designing your home, you must be careful about your house painting design and colour. Depending on how you paint, it can hugely impact the look of the interiors. Besides setting the mood and tone of the space, you can control how big or small a room should appear with the house painting design and colour. This does not mean you can modify the length of the space in any way. Rather, you create the illusion of a larger or smaller space. In general, lighter colours are used in smaller rooms and darker colours are preferred in larger rooms. If you do not know how your house painting design and colour can alter the size of the room, here are a few painting tricks you can consider during home renovation:

01 of 07 Make the room appear larger

In urban cities, apartments and homes tend to be smaller. However, this does not mean you cannot design your home interiors properly. To make your home interiors appear larger, you need to pick the right colour for your walls. Light colours like white, cream, and beige are great for small spaces. They reflect more light and make the walls recede. This makes the walls appear farther and creates the illusion of a larger space. As a result, even your small room appears larger. Painting is an easy task and you do not always have to hire a professional for the purpose. You can do it yourself and save a lot of expenses.

02 of 07 Make the ceiling feel taller

If you have a small room and want to make the space appear larger, there is more than one way to make it appear larger. Instead of painting the entire room with light colours, you must just paint the ceiling with a light shade. This option is preferred by homeowners who feel that using only light colours can make the interiors appear boring. If you want to add some contrast to your home interior design as well, you should consider painting the walls darker colours and using a lighter shade for the ceiling. Leaving the ceiling white is a great idea as well. As a result, the ceiling feels taller than its actual height. The darker the colours of the walls, the more dramatic effect they will have on the overall look of the room.

03 of 07 Make the space appear narrower

Sometimes, having a small room is not a problem. Having a bigger room is. If you feel that your home interiors appear too wide, you can make the space appear narrower by painting the room properly. According to experts, the best way to make a room narrow is by painting the opposite walls dark colours. Since dark colours absorb more light, the walls will appear closer than they are. As a result, the room will appear narrow.

04 of 07 Highlight only one wall

For highlighting a wall, people often choose house painting designs and colours for creating an accent wall. However, that is not the only way to attract attention to one wall. Instead of painting one wall with darker colours, you can consider painting one wall using a lighter colour. This DIY home decor is basically the opposite of an accent wall where all walls are painted in lighter tones and only one is painted in darker tones. Either way, you will be able to attract all the attention to just one wall. However, this painting technique will make your room design slightly smaller than its actual size.

05 of 07 Make the interiors elongated

Human eyes easily get attracted to contrasting lines. You can use this to your advantage and make a small room appear elongated. Consider choosing a dark colour for one wall and ceiling only during home renovation. Leave the rest of the walls white. The unobstructed and smooth transition of the dark colour from the ceiling to the wall, when combined with light coloured walls, makes the space appear elongated. The dark colours help to add more contrast to the interiors of the room as well.

06 of 07 Make your room appear smaller

Having bigger rooms can be troublesome as well. If you fail to design it properly, there might be empty awkward spaces. As a result, your room might appear unappealing. This is why designing large rooms can get a little tricky. If you are designing a large room, consider opting for darker colours for most of the elements. Since dark colours absorb more light, the space will appear smaller. Also, they will help to create a more comfortable and cosy space. You can make a bold statement in your home interior design by choosing dark colours carefully.

07 of 07 Make the Room Taller

If you have a large room but a low ceiling, the space might appear a little awkward. However, this situation can be tackled very easily using DIY home decor. Consider painting vertical stripes on your light coloured walls with a dark colour. This will help to create the illusion of a taller ceiling.

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