Senior Living Residences

It’s interesting that when you are a child; your basic needs are taken care of by your parents. They do everything for you when you are a child from providing basic living necessities to love. As you grow into adulthood, the roles are often reversed. As old age sets in, you will likely have to take care of your parent’s basic needs, as they may not be able to provide it for themselves anymore because of age, disease, and injury. Since many children do not have the facilities and space to care for their aging parents, there are many options for senior living residencies depending on the degree of independence that your parents have.

The types of senior living residences that you will consider for your parents will differ greatly with the independence that your loved ones have. For example, there are communities that have minimal care and allow residents to live together in a community of older people like themselves and go about their lives with very little interruption. Obviously, these types of communities are for the highest functioning group of the elderly, but there are care facilities for all degrees of varying independence.

There is an infinite amount of degrees of independence that your loved one can have, but they will most likely be placed into 3 different categories when considering senior living residences. Senior citizens are put into high, medium and low categories of independence to appropriately determine which type of care facility will be best for them.

The highest degree of independence involves seniors that can basically care for themselves. They can take care of dressing and grooming, keep their home in order, use a computer, manage their financial situations, prepare their own meals, and can drive a car or use public transportation. These seniors have the highest independence and will require the least amount of help throughout the day.

The next degree of independence is the medium degree. These seniors need regular nursing care and may need some help with daily tasks. They may be able to drive or use public transportation and could be recovering from injuries or surgeries.

The last lever is the Lowest degree of independence. These seniors need constant care on a regular basis either physically or medically. They may have chronic illness or surgeries that have to be done.

You will have to determine the level of independence of your loved one and consider which type of facility will be the best for your loved one. Do your research and you will be sure to find a variety of care homes in Swindon or similar (or even the Wiltshire area), that meets the needs of the elderly person you are caring for.

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