Services offered by a Professional Funeral and Memorial Service Planner  

A professional funeral and memorial service planner, also called a life-cycle celebrant, is a person who coordinates the many details involved in planning, attending and paying for funerals. Professional service providers like Sacred Endings can also help plan other ceremonial gatherings such as weddings or anniversaries.

They may be independent workers who offer their services to families one at a time, or they might work with a local funeral home. In addition, they can help with the funeral service, from choosing a casket to arranging for pallbearers.

What are some services offered by a Life-Cycle Celebrant?

  1. Provide advice on creating a meaningful and personal memorial service:

A Life-Cycle Celebrant can help you create a unique service for your loved one and reflects their life and personality. In addition, they can provide advice on readings, music, rituals, and other elements that will make the service special.

  1. Officiate at funerals and memorial services:

A Life-Cycle Celebrant is qualified to officiate at funerals and memorial services. They will work with you to create a personal and meaningful service, and they will be there on the day itself to guide and support you.

  1. Help families deal with the death of a loved one:

The end of a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time for families. A Life-Cycle Celebrant can provide support and guidance to families during this difficult time. They will help you to create a funeral or memorial service that is meaningful and special, and they will be there to offer support and guidance on the day itself.

  1. Help with the practicalities of organizing a funeral or memorial service:

They can help you plan and organize funerals and memorial services, taking care of all the necessary paperwork. Of course, they will consider your wishes for how you want the service to be held, including any readings, music selections, etc., but they are also happy to work with you to create a unique and special service.

  1. Create meaningful and personal tributes to loved ones:

A Life-Cycle Celebrant can help you to create a fitting tribute for your loved one, whether this is a personalized poem or video montage. They will work with you on selecting music, readings, and other elements that reflect the life of your loved one. They are experienced in helping families find the right words to commemorate their loved ones.

  1. Oversee the entire funeral planning process:

A Life-Cycle Celebrant can help you with every stage of the funeral planning process. They will take care of all paperwork and deal with any administrative elements of arranging a service, freeing up your time for more important things like saying goodbye or sharing memories. This also means that they can coordinate with other service providers, such as caterers and florists.

In conclusion, a Life-Cycle Celebrant can provide advice and support through every step of the funeral planning process. They will help you plan an appropriate service, officiating at this event if desired, and guide other elements such as readings or music selections.

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