Surviving Single Parent Holidays

Our First Family Holiday

Six several weeks following the ex moved out, we made the decision to test our first holiday for the new, smaller sized, single parent family. Getting been camping for several years formerly, we made the decision to stay using what we understood, chose our website, packed our vehicle, programmed the sitting nav and anticipated a brand new adventure. The children were built with a ball, they found new buddies and spent many of their time playing within the fields. I sitting alone through the tent. Encircled by happy families I felt a fish from water, and yearned for many adult company. Holidays without adult conversation are certainly an acquired taste and my very loving but inarticulate Spaniel just did not fill the space.

Not just one for acknowledging defeat, we did not permit this to break put us off. We packed away the tent and boarded the plane for warmer climes as well as an altogether different of break -but with similar result, the isolation struck me hard.

Just how did we transform it around? A eureka moment and fairly apparent conclusion, If you cannot find company, go along with you – or seek it!:

Buddies and Family

Holidaying with buddies or family might help fill the space left from your ex partner as well as provide you with some added support using the children. The tiny problems like attempting to pop towards the toilet whenever your youngsters are within the pool could be a serious problem if you are alone, getting a couple of other pairs of eyes could be worth how much they weigh in gold, too obviously because the adult conversation.

Holidays for Single Parents

Enroll in a pre-organised holiday where you will find other single mums and dads. You won’t just improve your social circle and meet new buddies, there’s the additional advantage of holidaying with families who comprehend the challenges you face. Escorted group holidays go ahead and take discomfort from the organisation – it’s all regulated accomplished for you – providing you with time to enjoy and relax new company.

Activity Breaks

Try a volunteer holiday a treadmill focused around a specific hobby or interest? The Nation’s Trust runs numerous organised breaks where you will not only get involved with new activities but have the organization of guides along with other families. There’s also group holidays organised for a lot of interests (dance, horseriding, outside skills).


While I am still cautious about camping alone, family festivals like Bestival or simply So (Cheshire) possess a great warm and friendly and incredibly interpersonal atmosphere. Otherwise enroll in a camping group which means you not just have company in your break, there is however someone around to assist once the tent just will not increase with one set of hands!

Youth Hostels

No more the austere structures we frequented on the school journeys as children, youth hostels now provide top quality, comfortable accommodation in certain fabulous settings. Greatly orientated towards families you will find them not just a the best value break, however a interpersonal one too.

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