The Fabric Of The Tent: What You Should Know

Regarding your tent’s fabric, you can choose between three fabrics: polycotton, polyester, and silicone polyester. Polycotton is the fabric originally used for making tents. It is a very resistant fabric over time but is also quite heavy and expensive. Today, most tents are made of polyester, a more fragile fabric than polycotton but much lighter and more affordable. Finally, siliconized polyester is a form of reinforced polyester. Indeed, this material is much more resistant and can “repair itself” in the event of small holes (pull a little on either side of the hole, and the stitches will go back into place by themselves- same.

Type Of Use:

You will have to choose your tent according to the use you will have of it: hiking/trekking, short-term stay, or long-term stay.

  • Hiking/trekking: Your selection criteria will be based on its weight; you will need the lightest possible tent. You may also need apses (side spaces outside the bedroom) to store your backpack and your shoes. For this type of use, you will need good weather resistance and a tent that is easy and quick to pitch. A tunnel tent or a dome may be suitable for this use.
  • Short-term stay: Your constraints are minimal, and you probably won’t need a tent that offers much comfort. A teepee or a Canadian can perfectly suit you since you will only use the tent to sleep there.
  • Long-term stay: You will need a tent offering a minimum of comfort, including a living space. You will also need a tent with a strong frame and weather-resistant canvas.

Comfort And Practicality:

The last point to analyze in your choice of tent is the level of comfort you want. For this, our tents offer different options: sewn or unsewn groundsheet, cable passage in the outer canvas, removable bedroom partitions, storage pockets in the bedrooms, black interior bedroom, classic or inflatable frame, etc. All these options are available. We indicated on the product sheets of our tents and in our product comparison.

Granite Selection offers a wide selection and installation of granite and gray quartz countertops for your kitchen or bath in the Chicago area. Don’t forget to prioritize space! First, the outdoor space: a tent, once unfolded, takes up a lot of space on a camping pitch. So, remember to look at the measurements of the open tent. We indicate them on each technical sheet of our tents in their characteristics. Then the interior space: the size and height of the bedrooms and living spaces, especially in the context of a long stay in a tent. All these little details can change your life at the camp and, well anticipated, they can allow you to spend a camping holiday in the greatest comfort.

Still Unsure Of Your Choice?

If these indications still do not allow you to make your choice, we have efficient customer service capable of helping you make the right choice and opt for the camping tent that will best meet your needs.

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