Various Types of Dental Implants That Are Available

If you try to search for different types of dental implants then you can find them in many different sizes, types and height. Your dentist will determine which implant will be right for you. However, you can specify your requirement and preference so that depending upon your specific needs the dentist can make the right choice.

If you ever visit Centre dentaire St-Onge (Dental Center St-Onge) then they can explain you about the following few types of implants.

  • Endosteal

This is the most common type of dental implant that you can find many of the dentists use. This is placed in the jawbone of any patient. It is made of titanium material and its shape is almost like any small screw.

  • Subperiosteal

Generally, this type of implant is placed below the gum but above the jawbone. For those patients, whose natural jawbone is not too healthy or who are not interested to do bone augmentation procedure in order to rebuild the jawbone may prefer this type of implant.

For people whose jawbone is not capable of supporting dental implants have got few more options to rebuild their jawbone. This can restore their natural jawbone and also a sturdy foundation will be available for implant supported teeth. These are as follows:

  • Bone augmentation

If your existing jawbone is not able to support implants then you need to regenerate it in order to restore the condition of your jawbone. According to research findings, with bone augmentation the results of dental implants is the best.

  • Sinus lift

This is also known as sinus elevation or augmentation where bone is added below the sinus in those cases where natural bone is not in good shape because of missing upper back-teeth.

  • Ridge expansion

In some cases, the jaw of the patient is not sufficiently wide so that it can support any dental implant. In such condition, bone graft material is added to a small space or ridge which is created on the top of your jaw.

Metal free dental implants

There are few implants by using zirconium ceramic or any polymer which are introduced very recently in the dentistry. Since this type of implant is around for last few years only and therefore it is little difficult to say anything about their long-term effectiveness.

The technique of placement is almost same like conventional titanium implants. Only dentist can decide whether such implant is suitable for the patient or not. However, these implants can be little costlier than conventional titanium implants.

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