Wall Street Intern

Every year, many international students want to enter an American internship (美国实习) in a company that suits their professional background. A good New York internship experience (also known as 纽约实习) can help the international students find a job after graduation. Finance has always been a popular major in studying abroad. Due to the large number of students, the competition for finding a job is also very intense. Many international students studying Finance in the United States want to go to Wall Street for an internship(华尔街实习). After you successfully find a job in U.S, you can start to hire an immigration lawyer (移民律师) to start your H-1B application (h1b 申请) process. Today, we will introduce Wall street intern.

Taken together, the Wall Street internship is perfect for those:(1) Preparing for further studies: Students who want to gain financial internship experience and plan to apply for further studies, who want to improve their comprehensive background;(2) Broaden your horizons: Students who want to broaden their horizons in the financial industry and plan to find internships in the investment banking field;

(3) Preparing for a job: Students who are actively looking for work in new york (also known as纽约找工作).

The Wall Street Internship Program will allow you to start practicing the skills necessary for a variety of investment banking from the grassroots level. Each link will bring different feelings and skills. Secondly, after the internship period, the company will also provide an internship certificate for the intern. The intern will also provide a recommendation letter if necessary. What’s more, if the interns perform very well in the company, there is also a direct turnaround.

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