Ways to reduce stress through a divorce

With the new no-fault divorce law coming into force in April, all eyes are turning to this fresh way of reducing stress in a divorce. However, there are other ways that you can create a better situation for yourself while divorcing. Read on to discover more ways to reduce stress during a divorce.

Don’t go it alone

For some people, divorce can seem like an embarrassing or even shameful subject – but it shouldn’t be. A divorce is often the best-case scenario for everyone involved, and you should surround yourself with support at this time. Make sure that you have friends and family to turn to when you need them.

Slow down your decision making

While a divorce can lead to you feeling out of control, it is important not to try and make decisions quickly to get a sense of control back. Hasty decisions made in the heat of the moment – whether they regard property, custody arrangements, or something completely different – are something you are bound to regret. Slow down, breathe, and give yourself time to think.

Let yourself feel

Your divorce is a good choice for you, but that doesn’t mean you will feel relieved or happy about it. You will definitely be feeling sorrow, grief, and even regret – no matter how cut and dry the situation may seem. These warring emotions can make you feel even more stress, so accept them rather than fighting them – and you can work through them more effectively.

Make time for you

Your divorce will be emotionally draining, but it can also practically take up a lot of time and space in your life. Ensure that you make time for yourself during this time and get in touch with friends who you can have fun with. You won’t just want to talk about your divorce – make time to be a fully rounded person and stay in touch with the rest of your life.

Find legal support

You can’t go through a divorce without full legal support, and it is essential that you ensure your legal team understands the challenges you will be facing. Some divorces are more complicated than others, and Cordell & Cordell are on hand to help you. Whether you feel that your divorce will be relatively straightforward or not, getting a legal view on where you stand and the best way to proceed can reduce stress on all sides.

Divorce, while it may be for the best, is never going to be a stress-free option for anyone. While having excellent legal support and ensuring that you give yourself time is essential, remember that feeling a range of complicated emotions is to be expected – it’s all part of the process.

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