Ways to Reduce your Senior’s Risk of Bathroom-Related Injuries

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home for seniors as it is common for them to slip and fall there. The combination of standing water, steam and smooth flooring puts your elderly loved one at risk of falls which can lead to injuries. To help keep your loved one’s bathroom safe, consider the tips below:

Ensure the Floor is Clean

Typically, the bathroom slicks by itself. Add in loose clothes, trash, steam, water and unsecured rugs and your loved one is prone to slips and trips. To prevent any bathroom-related injuries, ensure the floor is dry and secure rugs to the floor using grip tape. Also, place a trash bin next to the toilet.

Make Sure Amenities are Easily Accessible

When it comes to bathroom safety for seniors, you want to consider the height of the amenities. Particularly, the height of the shower, toilet and sink must be accessible to them. A bathroom overhaul could be a great idea; however, this can be expensive. Consider using a raised toilet seat equipped with support bars so your loved one can easily transition from standing to sitting. If your budget allows, lower or raise the sink height to match your loved one’s height.

Keep Toiletries Easy to Reach

You don’t want your loved one to bend over or stretch to reach the toiletries they need. Ensure items like soap, shampoo, razors and other toiletries are within their reach. Also, ensure they can easily reach the toilet paper and the toilet is always stocked with it. Lastly, put towel hooks within a safe distance from the sink and shower.

Think about Installing Grab Bars

Grab bars can be strategically installed in the bathroom to help in increasing the safety of your loved one in the bathroom. Place grab bars near the toilet and tub.

Improve Bathroom Lighting

You want to make sure your bathroom is well lit so your loved one can see clearly what they are stepping into. This reduces their risk of slipping or tripping over something there.

Spend time discussing these tips with your senior loved one. While these will not eliminate the risk of fall together, they will minimize their risk. Also, senior assisted living for your loved one is an ideal option to make sure somebody is always there to assist them when using the bathroom and toilet. Professional caregivers can also recommend more important modifications to make the home a much safer place for your loved one.

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