What Are Gastronomic Trips

Gastronomic trips or Tuscany Cooking Vacations for example are trips that have as their main focus the gastronomy of the place you are visiting. It’s not just about choosing the best places to eat: going on a gastronomic journey is understanding the local gastronomy, getting to know the habits of the natives, experiencing people’s everyday cuisine, and returning home not only with a full belly, but also with a memory full of unforgettable memories, flavors, and aromas.

It is not enough to go on gastronomic trips, for example, to know which restaurant in Lima serves the best ceviche, but to understand why ceviche is such a traditional dish in Peru. Nor is it enough to know which is the best pizza in Italy and not to know all the other forms and types of pasta, sauces, meats, cheeses, sausages, and wines that are part of Italian cuisine.

How Much Does It Cost To Go On A Gastronomic Trip?

The cost of a gastronomic trip will depend on your preferences. It will depend, for example, if you always prefer to eat in restaurants, with full meals, or enjoy making small snacks. Or if you prefer the convenience of the hotel’s restaurant or enjoy shopping at a local market and cooking your dinner. There is no way to make a very clear estimate.

But enjoying the gastronomy of a place does not have to cost an arm and a leg. This is because a gastronomic trip with The International Kitchen® for example fits any budget, as it is unnecessary to include very expensive restaurants in your itinerary. Taking gastronomic trips means getting to know gastronomy as part of the culture of each place you visit. And that, in fact, and most of the time is the opposite of the refinement and ostentation of those restaurants with several dollar signs.

How To Do It Then?

It’s all about choosing your priorities. we usually do it like this: after understanding the cuisine of my destination, we choose places to eat based on reviews on TripAdvisor for example and popularity among locals. Then, I see the price estimate and prefer those with a cost between cheap and medium. I usually choose two or three options for each meal on the trip. Then, if at some point we “skip” a meal or have the possibility of cooking at the accommodation, we always have options up my sleeve to define where to eat.

But even so, don’t rule out the more expensive restaurants. Many places around the world are worth the extra expense. What we do is, after putting together the gastronomic itinerary, we see how the estimated cost of the trip turned out, and, according to our budget, we include a more sophisticated restaurant. Most of the time, we manage to include an extravaganza in the itinerary, leaving out some less relevant tour or attraction.

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