What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Your Appearance?

Several issues have been associated with smoking. It would range from increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to ingredients of tobacco smoke causing significant damage within your body. However, most of the aforementioned diseases may take time to develop to a specific point where it would become danger to your life. Smoking has been deemed hazardous for your life. In addition, it would have detrimental effects on your appearance.

Find below some of the effects that smoking would have on your appearance. Hope it may help you quitting smoking.

Effects on your skin

Smoking would reduce the oxygen and nutrient levels of your skin. As a result, the skin would age quickly, offering grey and dull appearance. Nicotine would cause vasoconstriction. Blood vessels would narrow down and oxygen-rich blood flow would offer limited supply to the face. Chances are higher that any wound would take longer duration to heal. Chemicals in tobacco would trigger destruction of collagen and elastin, requisite for providing strength and elasticity to the face.

Effects on your eyes

In order to save your eyes from smoke resulting from smoking, the smoker would squint more often. It would result in development and darkening of crow’s feet. These lines would become more prominent in a smoker. Smoking would also affect the bags under the eyes of the smoker. Chances are higher that smoker would be in the state of unrest, as compared to people who do not smoke. The smoker may also have difficulty falling asleep.

Effects on your hair

In event of you smoking, chances are higher that your hairline would recede more quickly. The follicles under the scalp of the skin would need oxygen, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for functioning and triggering hair growth in the right manner. However, smoking would cause hair thinning and hair loss.


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