What Happens if an Online Doctor Cannot Treat Your Illness?

Online doctors have been around for a while and they are capable of doing the job well. They really are trained to provide quality healthcare as they have gone through the same training as the doctors you see in hospitals. They are also licensed and are legally allowed to do the job. The only difference is that you don’t see them in person. The conversation is done online. The prescription is also given to you via email. Your local pharmacy will be contacted and you can just pick the medicines up there.

The only concern is that you might be facing something really serious and the online doctor has no means of treating you or is not an expert. What happens?

Referrals are made

You will be immediately referred to another doctor who is more qualified to do the job. These online doctors are also well-connected in the medical community, so they can easily make referrals. They can transfer you to another online doctor like those on the GPs powered by Babylon app and they have different expertise in medicine. If not, you will be given a doctor whom you can speak with easily in your local area. From there, you can make another appointment and get a second opinion. More referrals will be made depending on the progress.

Tests will be conducted

Since your doctor cannot physically touch you or see what you are going through apart from your online conversation, you will be asked to go through a series of tests. It can be a blood test. It can also be an X-ray. This depends on the situation. From there, the tests will be forwarded to the doctor for a better diagnosis. This helps the doctor provide you with the right medicine.

Honest medical service

You can have the guarantee that in the event that your medical issue is way beyond what your online doctor can deal with, you will be transferred to someone else who can help you. These doctors are honest. They understand the seriousness and urgency of your medical needs. Therefore, they will not delay the process and let you get help from someone who knows better.

This does not mean they are incompetent. Even other doctors whom you see in person will also do the same thing. They won’t pretend that they can cure you if they know they can’t. The goal is for you to get healed and not to earn money from patients. This is a part of what they promised when they were certified as doctors.

Those patients who have asked for help from medical doctors online have seen progress. Others have been completely healed. There are even those who keep coming back to the same online doctor because they were satisfied with the services provided. You can also do the same thing. You just have to trust the right person to do the job. Otherwise, you can always switch to another medical provider who will help you. Again, the goal is for you to be completely healed.


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