What Is Gastronomic Tourism?

This type of travel and Cooking Vacations in Italy for example refers to those activities in which the activities are closely linked to the gastronomy of a region. These destinations generate different experiences by appreciating typical foods and drinks from there. And not necessarily all the steps in this script involve just the meal: the processes and subjects related to the production and history of a dish are also included in this topic!

The increase in demand for this type of programming is because it provides greater immersion in the culture that is being known. After all, a people’s food says a lot about their customs, the region where they are, and the events over time – some dishes even change the local economy.

When planning your next adventure, it’s worth looking for information about spaces or attractions that make gastronomy a form of entertainment. You can learn about spices, explore wineries or travel through history as you hear about how one type of meal changed a region.

It is an activity that escapes obvious, enriches you culturally, and still makes you delight throughout the trip. On The International Kitchen, we have a step-by-step guide on preparing the perfect script in some countries; be sure to check out this content and learn more.

Food Festivals In San Sebastien, Spain

San Sebastien stands out among cities in Spain when it comes to delicious food. You can visit several haute cuisine festivals; they unite gastronomy and culture in one event. Be sure to try the traditional Paella and Chorizo and the country’s famous hams and sausages.

Bangkok Food Tour, Thailand

In addition to the rich culture and paradisiacal beaches, a great attraction of Thailand is its cuisine with spices and outstanding flavors. In Bangkok, the capital of this Asian country, you can tour restaurants, spice markets, and stalls with typical foods from there. The fun part: for some of these trips, you can go by boat and enjoy the city’s beauty at night. Taste dishes eaten by royalty and popular foods from street stalls featured in the Michelin Guide of Thailand.

Now that you know the best places to practice gastronomic tourism worldwide buy the ticket and embark on new cultural experiences and learn more. To make travel preparation even more accessible, check out the contents on packing and not getting in trouble at your next destination to enjoy your trip.

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