When to take up Typhoid test? Do you need regular medical checkup?

Typhoid fever is the bacterial infection which results from Salmonella typhi, paratyphi and can be really dangerous if nothing is done timely. Diagnosis of the disease must be done timely and only then early recovery is possible. If it goes untreated, there can be several problems like peritoneal infection, intestinal perforation, or even ulcers and intestinal bleeding. Since the result or possibility can be harmful, it is necessary to carry out Typhoid test at the earliest. After the confirmation of Typhoid fever, the doctor prescribes suitable treatments. Only after the lab test of collected blood sample it may be confirmed that the person is suffering from Typhoid. The test to confirm Thyroid disorder is mainly the Widal Test.

The symptoms of Typhoid fever

As already stated, the fever is caused by Salmonella enteric, the bacteria species, it causes infection and is transmitted through contaminated water into the blood stream of the person. The bacteria is mainly found in feces and if anyone by chance consumes water infected with Typhoid bacteria, he may get Typhoid. If the fever is just mild, people try out over-the-counter pills that don’t actually work. The bacteria multiply in gall bladder, liver and the bile duct of the person. There are various symptoms of this disease. Some of them are as follows:

  • sudden temperature rise
  • loss of appetite
  • fever moving up to 104 degree Fahrenheit
  • extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  • red colored spots on the body
  • diarrhea or poor digestion

If you show the above signs and symptoms, you must take the test to see if you are infected. Fatigue and exhaustion, loss of appetite, weight loss can also result from Thyroid problem and so the doctor may prescribe you Thyroid test. After three weeks of fever, the fever increases. The one infected by Typhoid will have cough and cold in the initial week. This may even be accompanied by abdominal pain or nose bleeding. Constipation and diarrhea are also the symptoms.

How is Typhoid diagnosed?

The diagnosis of Typhoid is done after the test of blood samples. The stool culture, the bone marrow are checked to find any presence of Typhoid bacteria. The Widal test is performed to check for Typhoid. It is mainly the Widal Test which confirms the presence of parasite. Since it takes time to acquire the report, the doctor may prescribe certain medication to control the fever.

Why is regular health checkup needed?

You may be eating right, following a balanced diet and exercising but that does not mean everything is right in the body. Regular medical checkup is needed to diagnose any underlying medical condition and to bring about early recover. If you are having any medical condition like diabetes, heart ailment, problem in the eyesight, regular check up of health is required. Our health is in our hands. So, we need to take steps to ensure that we are healthy. This may only be done through regular health checks. It will also reduce the cost of keeping healthy as the disease is diagnosed much earlier. Since, prevention is better than cure, you should undergo blood tests to find more about your health.

Health check is a fabulous way to learn about your health condition and status. The doctor can assess your general health by seeing the medical report and considering medical history.

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