Why Choose the Best Grease Filter?

Grease filters are integral components of commercial hood and kitchen ventilation systems. Having functional and proficient filters not only ensure compliance with safety standards but also ensure that a productive, clean and a healthy working environment is sought. Grease is an element that tends to accumulate or deposit in corners, and on the surfaces of exteriors, leaving a poor taste in the mouth of onlookers. The grease elimination process is also vital to the safety aspects of your kitchen. The importance of installing grease filters cannot be stressed enough. They perform two vital functions in a large commercial setting:

When it comes to proper fire protection, a grease removal system would ensure any hazardous conditions are eliminated. Precisely, it helps reduce fire hazards in the kitchen by capturing grease particles through the filter before they pass into the duct. This helps prevent a serious hazard risk that a grease-laden duct can pose. Some filters are designed to provide additional fire protection by filtering out wood and charcoal particles from entering the ductwork. These fuel particles usually generate during high volume cooking sessions.

The second primary function of commercial kitchen grease filters is to enable a proper flow of air out of the kitchen. In the absence of a grease filter, the grease would collect inside the ductwork. This can lead to a premature wear and tear of the ductwork as the grease accumulating on the walls would produce friction. As a result, the exhaust will be forced to work overtime. It would even reduce the airflow and cause problems like smoke and odor accumulation in the kitchen.

A grease filter with an increased capacity of self retention prevents the air passage from being restricted, as happens with a dirty filter. Wool filters are innovative filters that are designed with bearing this possibility in mind. A wool grease filter takes into account all grease management efforts and performs as a sustainable, fire preventer filter.

An Efficient Grease Filter 

As compared to ordinary filters, the wool filter is far more efficient in grease management. The filter offers features that are in accordance with what restaurants and commercial kitchens require. In order to conduct a heavy-duty cleaning, restaurant owners require frequent professional services, which can total up to a hefty amount. With wool filters about 98% of grease is prevented from entering into the hood and exhaust duct. This relieves the amount and frequency with which maintenance is needed.

Not to mention, there is also a lot of airborne grease with bacteria produced during the cooking time. All of this passes through traditional filters into the duct system and remain present there until the next cleaning service is scheduled. Whereas, wool filters possess tightly woven fibers that capture grease without compromising on the airflow. This ensures less grease enters inside the ducts and exhaust, allowing them to stay cleaner for a much longer period.

Buying wool filters that meet even the stringent functionality criteria helps reduce maintenance by 30% and cleaning by 50%. The low-maintenance features of these filters also make them cost-effective.

How to Keep Your Grease Filters Clean

Grease filters are reusable appliances that can be cleaned and put into use again. A commercial environment calls for inspection and cleaning services that will employ industrial level cleaning techniques to ensure no damaged is caused. If the company you buy your filters from also provides professional cleaning, it is most suitable for you to hire them as they would be more familiar with how to service their products in the best way possible.

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